A long bike journey

One of the biggest things that gets me going is the idea of an epic quest. Ewan McGregor’s “The Long Way Round”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_Way_Round, “1,000 Days at Sea”:http://1000daysatsea.blogspot.com/, and Noel Hidalgo’s “Luck of 7 trip”:http://duenos.net/article/229/Anepicopensourcejourney are all very exciting journeys. As epic as their scales are though, “this trip”:http://imagineonbike.com/ might take the lot. Barcelona native Patrick GaƱo is on a bicycle trip (no motor!) that he has scheduled over the course of two years, all the way to Alaska. He’s planning on passing through France, Italy Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Greece, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Nepal, China and Japan. According to the “website”:http://imagineonbike.com/ which is unfortunately really bad, he’s already made it through to Turkey and is almost into Iran. Talk about inspiring! The picture was taken on the coast of Croatia.

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