A new kind of cheerleader mom


Until recently, Wanda Holloway was the most famous cheerleader mother. In 1991 Holloway tried to hire a hitman to kill her thirteen-year old daughter’s cheerleading rival. Holly Hunter even played Holloway in a mother based on the plotted murder.

But now Holloway has a rival herself for most messed-up mother obsessed with cheerleading: Wendy Brown. Wendy Brown is a thirty-three year old woman who recently pretended to be her fifteen-year old daughter to enroll in Ashwaubenon High School (Green Bay, WI). Said daughter was actually staying with her grandmother in Nevada. Brown joined the cheerleading squad–in fact, she soon stopped going to class but still showed up for cheerleading practice. Her attendance record led to an investigation, which led to the discovery of her true identity. Brown is now being held on three criminal complaints. You can read the Green Bay PressGazette.com article here.