Are You Ready to Neti?

After my curiosity in the “(Jala) Neti Pot”: was re-piqued from the “_Dr. Oz II_ episode”: on the “Oprah Show”:, I decided to go “duenos” on it. A neti pot is a tool for “nasal irrigation”: that can provide many benefits like better breathing, cleaner boogers, and possible elimination of snoring by simply splashing salty water up there. “Mayo Clinic”: has “this video”: that details some benefits of nasal irrigation and an alternative (athough similar) method to “the Neti.” “This fan site”: has a myriad of (some hard to believe and unresearched) benefits of the Neti, but towards the bottom of the page has a well-written how-to guide complete with photos of an unnecessarily shirtless guy (see picture above). For more, check out this “pdf”: that provides excessive neti info and you can purchase inexpensive basics “at this link”: when you’re ready to neti.