Books on bytes

Following on from a post I made some time ago about the online book sharing site, “Book Mooch”:, I’ve found another one. “Library Thing”: is a free online book cataloging service that takes the ultimate solo activity (reading… get your mind out the gutter) and makes it social. Now you can chat with others that have similar literary tastes, make recommendations, and even trade books with people. Organize your books however you’d like with the now ubiquitous, but still helpful, web2.0 tagging structure, write reviews, anything you want. I’ve only been messing around with the service for a few hours so far, but I’ve already entered a small part of my library and explored the forums. Below is a picture of my “virtual library”: which is, I regret to say, a lot more organized than the carbon-based one.

Previous posts about similar things are the musical equivalent to Library Thing, “”: (yet again) and “analog peer-to-peer”:, sharing in the real world using the internet.