Couple document their sexplorations are a young couple from Columbus, Ohio who are branching out. Neither of them had been all that sexually experienced before they got married three years ago but through each other discovered that they both had a lot more exploring to do. So, together, they're doing it. Like a lot of couples all over the world, Katie and Eric are trying out an open marriage based on complete honesty and to make it even more open, they're letting all of us watch. Well, not exactly like that. What they are doing is keeping an open blog at "": where they both talk about their fantasies, their experimentations, and their relationship in general. I come from a far less open place in terms of sex and relationships so to me this experiment is both thrilling and a little scary. I look forward to reading more about their experiences with polyamory as it goes on and hope at least some of you find it as interesting as I do.