First aquanaut emerges from two weeks of underwater living

Lloyd Godson, an Australian marine biologist with the “BioSUB project”: has been living underwater for two weeks. His home was this “underwater room”: fully-equipped with internet access, an electricity-generating exercise bike and an algae farm. Some of the stuff on board was pretty innovative, including the “‘biocoil'”: photosynthetic bioreactor developed by a high school in Idaho. From what I can gather, the point of the experiment was to show how people can create sustainable ecosystems underwater and live without bringing all their gases/needs with them. Now this is me thinking out loud, but could this be the key to living in similarly hostile environments like space?

There are a lot of interesting things to learn about this, so start out by reading this “TreeHugger post”: about the project before it started and “this one”: about the end of it. There’s also this “short report”: from ABC Australia.