Google Earth highlights Crisis in Darfur

Google Earth, the creepily-accurate software that reveals exactly why there’s an 8-foot fence between your yard and your neighbor’s has done one for humanity. Well, at least the morbid side of humanity that likes to revel in suffering. I’m talking about the most recent feature integrated into the Google Earth software that highlights known atrocity sites in the Darfur region of Sudan where there is an ongoing genocide. There may be a search term to help you, but I found it easiest to open the “Google Earth software”: and drag the window to Sudan which, in case you failed geography in ninth grade, is just south of Egypt in Africa. The ‘Crisis in Darfur’ feature gives locations and even (gulp) pictures of villages destroyed by the government-sponsored militia. or read more about the Crisis in Darfur feature in this "CNN article": with lots of helpful links about the genocide.