In 1945 the Nazis fled to the moon. In 2018 they are coming back.

Nazis in outer space. What more can I say?

Or, as the film’s description says:

“Iron Sky is a film about conformity: those who want to conform, those who want to make others conform, and those who refuse. A girl rebels against the foundations of her fathers, learning what freedom and equality mean to her, and that the world of today has lost sight of their true meaning.”

Not sure what to expect – they don’t have a release date or anything like that, but I must admit I’m interested. I have a feeling it’ll look cool, have a great sci-fi/history/fantasy concept and then employ less then stellar acting.

Hop around the website for a blog, pictures, and plot fragments.

PS – I’m out of school! That’s right, it means I have time to write again. Wahoo! Next post might be about my new phone. PDA’s – laptops of the future? Certainly not that iPhone crap…