Iraq war predictions were a little off

The National Security Archives have just secured a pre-Iraq war slideshow by the US military given to civilian leaders detailing their projections on how Iraq would look 3, 12, 45 months after invasion. At this point in the conflict (we are just beginning the 47th month of the war) we are beyond their scope of prediction. The last prediction given in the slide show is 45 months at which point we should be completely disengaged with direct military action, with a possibility of 5,000 troops in the area just in case.

Surprise! Last month President Bush approved another troop increase of 20,000 troops which would bring the total number above 150,000.

Thanks to the “National Security Archives”: for their work in securing the information. I”m just glad people still now what the Freedom of Information Act is. For more detail, check out the “New York Times article”: that led me to this interesting revelation.