Killer Apps for Mac – img2icns

This is more of a specialty program than ones we’ve profiled in the past, but it has been a great help to me lately so I thought it worth sharing. Nerd declaration: I am a personalization fiend. Everything I can change or modify on my Mac, I do. The first line of customization on the Apple is of course the dock icons, which can sometimes prove frustrating. That’s where img2icns comes in.

Img2icns was made by “Shiny Frog”:, an Italian software design firm. The official English site for the app is “here”: Normally with most icons, you can just copy and paste previously made icons (instructions and examples “here”:, but sometimes I’ve wanted to make my own using photoshop or fireworks. Img2icns is a very simple application that converts any kind of picture file to Apple’s proprietary .icns file type, and therefore make that image able to be used as a dock icon.

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