Killer Apps for Mac – iStumbler Previously featured _Killer Apps for Mac._ * "Adium": - an alternative chat client * "App Zapper": - tracks down all the caches and libraries for deleted applications and deletes them * "Darwiin Remote": - an application that allows the use of the Wii-remote as an input * "Disk Inventory X": - visualizes the hard disk * "img2icns": - A conversion tool for making any image into a .icns icon file * "Mac Pilot": - an interface to control more options on the Mac * "Sidenote": - a VERY helpful note-taking program * "SizzlingKeys": - allows universal control of iTunes through simple hotkeys * "Tangerine": - analyzes and organizes the iTunes library by beat characteristics * "TV Shows": - automatically downloads torrent files of TV shows * "UnRarX": - very good at decompressing .rar files * "Vienna Reader": - an OS X-integrated RSS reader with an internal browser * "VLC Player": - the best media player in existence, it plays anything