Killer Apps for Mac – TV Shows and "isoHunt": Well, all those worries are a thing of the past, and you have "TV Shows": to thank for it. Not that I'm condoning illegal downloading, but if you were so inclined this is how it works. This wonderful application runs in the background, constantly checking for the latest and greatest torrent files of your favorite TV shows that you can then open with your torrent client. Seriously, "click on subscribe, they do the rest," it's amazing. Visit the "TV Shows": homepage on sourceforge for news, reviews, and downloads. Previously featured *Killer Apps for Mac* include: "Adium":, "Sidenote":, "Darwiin Remote":, "Mac Pilot":, "Disk Inventory X":, "Tangerine":, "SizzlingKeys":, "Vienna Reader":, "VLC Player":, and "App Zapper":