Killer Apps for Mac – Vienna Reader because I read a lot of news-feeds on a "daily basis":, and Safari's integrated reader kicks butt. Packed full of "features":, Vienna Reader is a freeware feed reader that replaces and multiplies the functionality of any other RSS program, including Safari. It has a great Mail-like interface that is intuitive and just simple enough to use without being ungainly. It's also very customizable, although I ended up going back to the default settings a few days into using the program, and the built-in browser is nice for when you don't really want to open up Firefox to look at a link. If you get any of your news from RSS or ATOM feeds, you need to try Vienna Reader. If you don't, you should start by "downloading": Vienna and "subscribing": to Previous _Killer Apps for Mac_: "Adium":, "Sidenote":, "Darwiin Remote":, "Mac Pilot":, "Disk Inventory X":, "Tangerine":, and "SizzlingKeys":