Nathan Sawaya, a former 33-year old attorney, is now a famous LEGO artist. His impressive works were detailed in this “CNN slideshow”: and is discussed in this “CNN article”: From a “giant banana”: to a “_Starry Night_ replica”:, his LEGO sculptures and mosaics are nothing short of LEGO-licious. His “official site”: has a lot more to offer, specifically his “huge gallery”: And in case you were wondering, eight same-colored 2X4 LEGO bricks can be arranged in 8,274,075,616,387 configurations, at least that’s what “Wikipedia:LEGO”: says.

Interested in other unique artistic mediums? Check out what’s happening with “gummy bears”:, “JELLO”:, and “chalk”:

Photo is “Lego Untamed”: from Flickr user “Starcat”: