Map Monday: Voting in America

Tomorrow is election day. To celebrate, I want to highlight the University of Richmond (“Go Spiders!”: and their “Digital Scholarship Lab”: who have a very cool online exhibition of electoral statistical maps on “their website”: (warning: auto-playing video)

Personally, I love seeing data presented in new ways. As a history major and a bit of a cartographic nerd, these time-lapse maps represent the ultimate in teaching tools. Things I’ve learned by putzing around this site:
* “The populist party had a surprisingly heterogeneous geographic appeal.”:
* “African-American populations haven’t really left the south — and there’s still a lot of empty space out there.”:
* “Looking at the 2000 election results by county makes me wonder how it could’ve been so close.”:

Psyched to make your voice heard? Find out where you need to go to “cast your vote”: tomorrow using Google Maps.