Maximizing Firefox speed

This a boring post with no jokes, interesting links or stories about last night. I just came across “this pointer”: from the “TechLads blog”: about setting everyone’s favorite browser up for getting the most out of high speed internet connections. Apparently it is optimized by default for dial-up connections.

1- Type *about:config* in the address bar and press enter.
2- Enter *network.http* in the filter field and enter the following changes.
3- Double click on *‘network.http.pipelining’* and set the value to *true*.
4- Double click on *’network.http.pipelining.maxrequests’* and in the dialog box enter a higher value than the default value 4. *15* is an ideal value.
5- Double click on *‘network.http.proxy.pipelining’* and set the value to *true*.
6- Right click on the page and select *New* -> *Integer*. Enter *nglayout.initialpaint.delay* and then click ok. Set the integer value of this to *0* and click ok.

_Disclaimer: I have no idea if this works_