Nude cycling in Paris (and around the world)

As a member of the biking (anti-car) movement I’ve occasionally run across people who’s great passion is nude biking. Browsing the French cycling board “VĂ©lorution”: I came across the organising site for the first Parisian nude ride. The site (“”: is pretty slick and very informative. Nude riders turn out for a number of reasons, but 2 of the big ones that pop out are to highlight the vulnerability of bikers on the road and to protest moral prudism. French law, of course, doesn’t have a strict ban on public nudity per se, but rather considers each case as to whether or not there is a “provocative attitude.” So French.

I’ll be traveling around Europe for the next 3 weeks and so may not be able to post as frequently as I’m used to, but here is something I’m going to be sad to miss. If you’re in Paris on June 9, this sounds like fun. Of course nude bike riding is a “global movement”: that happens around the beginning of June in a lot of places (see “this list”: for dates and places) so maybe I will get to participate, or at least take pictures.