Save Money – Stop Junk Mail

Although most us all love getting snail mail, some can be dangerous when it comes to “ID theft”: Pre-approved credit card offers that come through the mail are one of the most deadly weapons ID thieves have against you. After a crook fills in your information (a lot easy to get than you think), they check the box that will have the card sent to another address (most likely theirs). Now they’ve got control of your credit and you don’t know it. Let’s hope at the very least you shred your unwanted offers, but a thief worth their salt can intercept it before it comes your way. A simple solution to protect yourself is visiting “”: and follow the instructions to take yourself off mailing lists. Keep in mind you can reverse it, but if you still want to apply for a credit card, simply go to “”: for the best and safest offerings available. Thanks to “Frank W. Abagnale”: and “his book”: for this and other tips.
And try the following links if you’re tired of: “telemarketing”:, “other junk mail”:, and “SPAM”: