Steven Milloy, the evil "scientist"

There are two sides to every argument, fine. But maybe there are certain things that shouldn’t have two sides, the protection of the environment for one. That’s why people like Steve Milloy and his “”: really doesn’t make any sense to me. Milloy has set himself up as the defender of truth AGAINST the science of global warming. His site is hard to get through for all the clever wordplay (“Help fight Global Fooling” and the like) and needless Gore-bashing, but once you do it just gets more sinister. Of course, global warming isn’t the only accepted science he argues against, here’s a list of his “top ten”:,2933,189706,00.html junk science instances.

This move doesn’t make much sense, but for some reason Milloy was behind the very false rumor (you may have heard this one) that compact fluorescent bulbs cost up to $2,000 to clean up if they are broken. The rumor was then perpetuated by his main employers, Fox News and the gang, but he’s the source. For more about that controversy and how full of shit he was, go to “this article”: from “TreeHugger”: