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Oh Copyright, you seething souless monster you

So most of us here at Duenos die a little bit inside every time we think of Copyright as it applies to anything digital, technological, or really just any given joy that exists in the universe. One of my particular favorites in the RIAA, with their rather impressive track record:

Spying on students, trying to screw grandmothers, pursuing lower class single moms, and even inspiring a sort of nonprofit company to help people sued by the unethical corporate atrocity (can’t find the link for now, much appreciated if anyone can toss it this way). Oh and the MPAA isn’t any exception, they’ve even broken copyright themselves!

Anyway, in the spirit of all this I thought we might rehearse a little bit about copyright and fair use, as explained by our good pal Disney:

Making fair use of 27 Disney movies, the creators of this movie explain Copyright law, Fair Use, and how Disney intimidates people into staying away from its products. Will Disney consider suing the creators and increasing the negative publicity it gets from its actions?

A Fair(y) Use Tale (NOT a Disney movie)

Much thanks to www.theinquirer.net and Kent Yates at GSLIS@UIUC for the tip offs.

Chemtrail theory

There are people out there who believe that the contrails of jets might not be the result of normal jet operation. Proponents believe that the potentially harmful ‘chemtrails’ could contain radioactive particles, psycho-active drugs, or anything else that is not the product of normal propulsion. These ‘chemtrails’ are apparently being used as part of a global mind-control conspiracy, weather modification, or even as a suspended military communications network in the air. As with any good conspiracy theory, there are a lot of ‘well-researched’ websites out there if you’re interested in learning more. I looked on “Wikipedia”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chemtrails, but it’s more entertaining to check out “Chemtrail Central”:http://www.chemtrailcentral.com/ (photo credit), “Anomalies Unlimited”:http://www.anomalies-unlimited.com/Chemtrails.html, and “Chemtrails 911”:http://www.chemtrails911.com/.
(Thanks Dave)