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Billie the Vision and the Dancers

It”s time to talk about my new favorite band, Billie the Vision and the Dancers. I discovered them while cruising around Last.fm. Since then they have jumped to the top of every chart in my mind and I couldn’t possibly be happier. Combining the sounds of English indie-pop, American folk rock, and a bit of the catchiness of European dance music, this Swedish group is truly amazing.

According to the band”s Last.fm profile page, “Billie is not a person per se, but rather represents the inherent quality the band wants to encourage their listeners to find within themselves. Billie is about not being afraid of being naive, pretentious or corny, to be proud of what you are.”

If you”re like me and afraid to lay out cash for a new album that may really suck then you”ll love the best part about Billie and the Dancers, they”re free. Their record company, Love Will Pay the Bills, offers both of their albums for direct download through Last.fm or at their website. There really is no excuse not to try them out, and when you do I can guarantee you”ll like it.

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Melodic match making on Last.fm

I love the internet and if you’re reading this blog, you probably do too.  My most recent web-obsession is music site Last.fm.  Self-described as the herald of the social music revolution, the site brings purpose to the social networking phenomenon.

Simply download the AudioScrobbler and play your music as you normally would.  If you’re using any of the mainstream mp3 players, AudioScrobbler will upload your listening history and as your profile gets more filled out, Last.fm will start making recommendations based on your own music profile.  Not only that, but since it is a music-centered social networking site, there are thousands of people who can help you discover new music that is right up your alley.

I have always secretly envied all those people in the dorm during college who knew absolutely everything about the latest indie bands or underground music trends.  It seemed like they got all their knowledge just by virtue of wearing thrift store t-shirts and women’s cut corduroys, but now I am just as knowledgeable.  As I listen to my favorite bands (at the moment it”s Billie the Vision and the Dancers) I can just click on their name in the AudioScrobbler and it takes me to their artist profile page on Last.fm where I can talk about the band and find more artists like them.

Check out Last.fm and join the revolution.