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I still don't get records

Is it the indie/retro cred that makes owning LPs so cool? Because I don”t get it. For years I”ve been baffled at how otherwise-normal people can go ga-ga for old records. I”ve literally been in the presence of someone telling a story of how her grandfather had just died and in the telling, happened to mention that he had left a crate of old records. After the story ended another acquaintance of mine actually asked what the woman”s family was planning to do with the records. That”s how much people seem to care, and what”s the reason? I understand that a freshly-pressed LP would in theory have better audio quality than a CD or mp3, but for how long can that last? Surely not more than 5 diamond-needle dragging plays.

I”d forgotten how much I really didn”t understand the trend of records until I saw “this post”:http://blog.wired.com/gadgets/2007/02/review_vpi_h165.html on “Wired.com”:http://www.wired.com/ about a $500 record cleaner sold by “VPI Industries”:http://www.vpiindustries.com/ . Is that really the price of indie cred AND good music?’, ‘