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Bing It On

I took a stab at the Bing It On search engine comparison that MS has been pushing lately. I think I’m probably more niche than the average searcher. Here’s what I did:

  • Jeff Ginger – which search engine better presents me? – Google, lower rank of that stupid “Jeff and Ginger” page
  • Pouperi – this word is very difficult to spell (correct version is potpourri, apparently), which search engine gets it right? -Bing
  • How much cafeine is in Mountain Dew – purposefully misspelled caffeine, could either give a number or ratio? -Tie, both could not
  • Kayle LOL guide – how to play a character for a game I play – Google, provided a video guide in the results in addition to text guides
  • This is not a movie torrent – in case I wanted to illegally download this movie 🙂 – Google, gave actual useful torrents, not stupid torrent nexus ad-pits

Sorry Bing, I was willing to consider you, but you don’t work for my advanced needs 🙂