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Build your own skis

http://skibuilders.com/ and while the process looks anything but simple, I do fancy the idea of building my own skis. I'd actually rather build my own snowboard, and as it turns out there's a "site":http://www.grafsnowboards.com/index.php?url=home dedicated to that as well. The concept for the two processes seems basically the same, although there are obvious differences in where snowboards need strength and flex vs. skis, but I really would like to give it a try. If you happen to live nearer to the beach than the slopes, you can always use this "how-to guide":http://www.surfersteve.com/introduction.htm on building your first surf board out of polystyrene.

A new approach to climate change intervention

So it”s no secret, the average person doesn”t really care all that much about global warming. To many, the impending-doom ramifications of an unprecedented increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are overshadowed by the appeal of slightly milder winters and the idea of a deeper tan. Still, that was no hinderance to the intrepid people at CLIF-brand energy bars as they have started to market the global climate crisis to those who actually do give a shit, winter sports enthusiasts. The “S.O.S. (Save Our Snow) tour”:http://www.clifbar.com/sos/ is all about the getting the word out to skiers, snowboarders, and alpine enthusiasts on the devastating effects that global warming could have on their beloved hobbies. What a novel approach.