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FC Barcelona changes the way sponsorship works

The motto of world’s-best soccer club is ‘més que un club’–more ‘than a club’ and starting this year, they’ve lived up to that title. Starting in September of this year, Barça has been sporting the UNICEF name and emblem on the front of their shirts, both home and away. In addition to wearing the name, the club also has agreed to 0.7% of their annual revenue and 1.5 million Euros over the next five years to the charity. Obviously their motivation is more than just generosity but I think this is a good step in making FC Barcelona the world’s club.

Ghana beats Liberia for Amputee Cup championship

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that Sierra Leone would be hosting the first African Amputee Nations Cup. Well the tournament ended five days ago with second-seed Ghana emerging as the champions. Ghana, along with Sierra Leone and Liberia will represent Africa in the Amputee World Cup to be held in Turkey later this year.

There are some great pictures of the tournament “here”:http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/shared/spl/hi/picture_gallery/07/africa_amputee_cup/html/1.stm Also a link to my “previous post”:http://duenos.net/article/28/amputee-cup-hosted-in-sierra-leone about the tournament.

Liverpool FC bought by American sports moguls

Liverpool soccer club has just been sold to American businessmen George Gillett and Tom Hicks. The pair already own a number of sports franchises with Hicks owning the NHL”s Dallas Stars and Major League Baseball”s Texas Rangers and Gillett owning the Montreal Canadiens. This whole affair begs the question: who the hell becomes a sports franchise tycoon? They don”t make a video game for that.

BBC Sports article on the buyout

Amputee Cup hosted in Sierra Leone

Anyone who has taken the time to think about it, the horrendous potential of machete-wielding fighters in war-torn African countries could be enormous, and the resulting prevalence of amputees in countries like Liberia and Sierra Leone is quite overwhelming. To celebrate the continued survival of those people who have lost a limb, Sierra Leone will be hosting the first African Amputee Football Cup, starting this afternoon. Competing teams will consist of 6 one-legged fielders and a one-armed goalkeeper. Check out this AP photo of amputees playing, very inspiring.
African amputees playing soccer

English league dominates richest clubs

Deloitte”s Football Money League is an annual report of the highest grossing soccer clubs. Here are this year”s rankings for the top 10:

Chart richest football soccer clubs

Interesting things to note about this year”s rankings are that Spain”s La Liga has the two top spots but no other presence at all. It”s also hard to ignore the over-representation of English Premiership teams with Manchester Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool.