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Amputee Cup hosted in Sierra Leone

Anyone who has taken the time to think about it, the horrendous potential of machete-wielding fighters in war-torn African countries could be enormous, and the resulting prevalence of amputees in countries like Liberia and Sierra Leone is quite overwhelming. To celebrate the continued survival of those people who have lost a limb, Sierra Leone will be hosting the first African Amputee Football Cup, starting this afternoon. Competing teams will consist of 6 one-legged fielders and a one-armed goalkeeper. Check out this AP photo of amputees playing, very inspiring.
African amputees playing soccer

More Jordan than Jordan?

From a marketing perspective and on the court, Miami Heat superstar Dwayne Wade is on track to be the ONE to take on Jordan’s throne.  I’ve said it before about other promising up and comers, so don’t take my word for it, but watching Wade play you have to feel it.

Winning the NBA Finals MVP in 2006, this 3-time All Star’s basketball credentials are perfect, but what really makes you sit back and take note though is the rapidity with which he is moving far beyond Wade the basketball star to a marketing icon.  In addition to gracing the cover of GQ last November, Wade is leading the Converse comeback under new Nike ownership as well as cross-branding with T-Mobile and Lincoln.  Maybe he’s not making as much as Jordan did in sponsorships, but remember, he’s still 25.

Maybe it’s just my wanting to see a new king crowned in the NBA, but I think Dwayne Wade has what it takes. Check out all of Wade’s commercials