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Internet Attention Span and Kony 2012

Remember that Kony 2012 video that got 6 million 88 million views?

Right so 4-20 rolled around and I was saddened to notice the news media appeared to publish more on pot smokers than the cover the night campaign. I did, however, observe some red cups spelling out the words on one of the overpasses running across 290 heading eastbound into Chicago, not far from UIC, which felt uplifting. I think at this point the criticisms of the film’s focus are well-known, and most of us here would agree that seeing to a self-sustained independent Africa isn’t going to have much to do with US special forces tracking down some crazy dude, but what I thought was worth point out here was the astronomical drop in attention for the topic as it has gone on. First up, is this girl’s response, which yielded ~4 million views:

Now, check the views (176k) on their response to some of the criticism:

It seems to me that there wasn’t much of a worthwhile dialogue about all of this, and if there was it took place amongst a small fraction of the people originally interested. In fact people have probably paid far more attention to 12 seconds of this poor guy’s emotional breakdown than issues like the real challenges Africa faces.

People make me sad sometimes.

Jezebel and Bluefish

So I was reading around Jezebel tonight (yes, I really do do that) and I ran upon a link to a video labeled ‘virginity’ that appeared at first glance to be a mildly funny mockery of abstinence commitments:

And so I thought, my these guys are high production quality, and sifted through to another video:

And then it struck me. They’re actually Christian. Instantly my appreciation for the GSLIS bubble swells. I ended on this one, wondering if it’s actually a mockery of Obama:

Best I not dig any deeper.