The Cilantro Consipiracy

“I Hate”: is a haven for all of us out there who taste something awful when we eat cilantro. I noticed it a few years ago when my then-girlfriend fell in love with Mexican food and I just couldn’t understand it. The food tasted like pennies, bleach, or something else disgusting.

It turns out that I was just one of those people whose genes react very poorly to certain enzymes in cilantro (coriander in British) and make it taste, well, revolting. If you for some reason taste something horrible (usually pennies, bleach, metal) when you eat Mexican or Indian food, maybe you’re one of us. Join “I Hate”: and share your pain.

An anti-cilantro haiku by user Mightyscoop1:
??A gentle flower??
??Green of stem that haunts my mind??
??The vomit that comes??