The Infamous Hangover

When you’ve had too much fun (or just enough), the consequences can be painful. Never fear the “hangover”: is here to teach you a lesson you won’t forget, until next Friday night. This well researched “pdf”: details the causes, mechanisms, symptoms, and prevention techniques for the big H. Sorry to say, moderation and abstinence are ubiquitously documented to be the most effective. However, your night out isn’t shot yet, “”: has put together this “extensive list”: of 52 treatment products. Unfortunately these guys aren’t hiring. If you want a quick go-to guide for hangovers without too much medical jargon, this “ article”: is complete and professional, but still best read _before_ the booze begins. Another good prevention technique is to check out “”: for pictures, videos, and other forms of black mail these regretful souls wished never existed.

If you have a drinking problem, please visit “AA’s website”: for help.