The proper way to wear picture-rings

Ever wondered about the right way to wear rings that depict faces? I’ve been wearing an old family ring my Dad gave me for years and people constantly asked me why I wore my ring upside-down. After arguing with everyone about it, I finally broke down and asked the experts at the “Emily Post Institute”: Here is my e-mail, and their response:

??…I have an old family ring that I’ve been wearing for years that depicts the face and head (in profile) of a Roman Centurion. Should the Centurion’s helmet (the top of the picture) be closer to the base of my finger, or the fingertip?…??

??…Usually, a pictorial ring is worn with the base facing the wearer, not the “observer.” Therefore, the centurion’s helmet is closest to the fingertip…??

I guess this is what they mean:

For more information about men’s fashion and style, my favorite writer is GQ’s “Style Guy”: He may be an elitist, but he does have a caustic style that’s fun to read.