Time Out Film Guide

Time Out magazine started in 1968 as a simple fold out poster for all the entertainment listings in London. Now they publish three weekly periodicals (London, Chicago, and New York) dozens of city guides, and an annual compendium of every single film review ever written by Time Out reviewers. That’s over 17,000 films reviewed. Starting this year, that entire database of film reviews is available online for free at “timeout.com/film.”:http://www.timeout.com/film/ Reviews from Time Out tend to be witty, shrewd and very sarcastic. In a word, British.

Style aside, the online film guide acts much the same as “IMDB”:http://imdb.com/ (allowing cross searching actors, directors, genres) but all with a sleek, professional sheen to it. Also if you like the review, you can buy or rent the DVDs right on the screen.

http://elliott-herder.com/plugins/ you can just go to the search engine selector in the top-right, go to the bottom and select "add Time Out Film." Happy searching.